I am a Freelance content writer and I play football.


  • A Rat Race

    A person’s life is challenging and never easy, from childhood to being veteran. In childhood having a pressure to get good grades in school to get admission in good and top notch college. After you get through the school life people say,’ its only fun after school’. But then getting into college and getting attach […]

  • Heartbeat of Bombay

    Mumbai is known as the city of dreams, but the irony is this city never sleeps. There many things that makes this place special like the food, culture, tradition and many more. But the most prominent thing in this city is ‘Local trains’. Thousands of people travel through trains every day. People rely on this […]

  • 21 in 22

    That day of the year when everybody enjoys to the fullest, their Birthday! Earlier in childhood birthdays were all fun , going school wearing casual outfits with funky shoes and then people making you feel special only for a day but would be a great experience.  This year was a bit different thou, excitement level […]

The Hosts

Samantha and Olivia are both writers and activists.

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